Christmas Collection

Posted Wednesday 5th December, 2018 by Mike Langford

Our Christmas Collection has just gone live on our website.

Along with our new products, several other things have changed over the last week:

Our domain name has changed. Our website is now and our email address has changed to Your customer data is still safe, it was just a domain change.

Christmas Theme - we've changed the site colours to a deep red and added a nice snow effect! This may not appear on some mobile devices in an effort to conserve your cpu time (and battery).

Additional option now available - you can now supercharge your floral gifts using the extra flower option - this will give you extra flowers in your bouquet/arrangement to the value you specify. Most products are limited to the £10 option, while some have £20 enabled.

If you have any queries you can always reach us via email or via facebook messenger (details on contact page) and we'll see what we can do!