Garden Tips for the Month of September

Posted Monday 10th September, 2018 by Mike Langford

There's lots to be getting on with in the garden during September!

Keep your hanging baskets properly dead-headed and give them a good feed once a week. This will ensure they keep looking great right up until the first frosts appear later in the year.

Get planting some hyacinth and amaryllis bulbs. This will force them to grow and provide excellent flowers for use over the Christmas period! (Just don't use those ridiculous fancy waxed bulbs..)

Other bulbs can now be planted so they're ready for Spring - daffodils, crocus and more hyacinths are a good place to start.

As we're approaching cooler and wetter months, now is a great time to start planting perennial shrubs for growth next year. Trees should go into the ground now too!

Don't forget to keep watering your garden plants. It's easy to forget or to think "Well it rained during the night so I don't need to". You totally need to! Plants such as the ever-favourite rhododendron will produce amazing blooms next year if the buds are looked after. This is made easier by keeping it well watered now.

If you're growing pumpkins for Halloween, keep removing leaves that cause the fruit to remain in the shadows. This will help them to ripen so they don't just look the part once carved, they'll taste great too! Who doesn't love pumpkin pie?!

Your lawn. When gardeners say "You need a new lawn" it can cause people to panic. Don't worry though, it's a very easy process, even without buying new turf! You need to aerate the lawn with a garden fork and then remove dead/dry grass (known as thatch) with a soft-fan rake. If your lawn is large, you can use a scarifier. This will also help to control the garden pests known as Leatherjackets, which are the larvae of Crane Flys (Daddy Long Legs/Hug-Me Flys) as they grow just beneath the surface of the lawn, close to the roots. You can then re-seed and fertilise with a potassium compound to keep your lawn happy!

If you have large plant pots in your garden, now is a good time to start finding some pot-feet or bricks to raise the pots off the ground. This stops your pots from becoming water-logged when it starts to rain more consistently.

As we're coming close to Autumn now, spread a net across your fish pond in anticipation of falling leaves.